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Are Bath Bombs Safe?

At Soapretty we pride ourselves into making beautiful one-of-a-kind products. One of our most popular products are our colourful bath bombs which we promise will turn your bathing time into a magical spa-like experience. These products offer a sensory experience, a kaleidoscope of colours, and are mood-enhancing with the help of the implemented aromas.

The main fizz of a bath bomb comes from a combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. When these combined ingredients are combined with water, lots of carbon dioxide bubbles are released which is when the product fizzes. When talking about the safety of a bath bomb, it is important to note that when used as directed, bath bombs are safe to use.

The controversy about the safety of the bath bombs is mostly directed at the ingredients that can be used in them. At Soapretty we list the ingredients used in our products, so our customers are aware before purchase. We also highly recommend doing a patch-test before using the product. The best way to do this is to rub the bath bomb on the inner part of your arm (near the crook of your elbow), then wait 48 hours to ensure there is no irritation or allergic reaction. If there’s no reaction then amazing! You are ready to indulge in your Soapretty experience.